Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to be a Good Big Brother

Make sure Baby Sister is safely in her car seat next to you.
(Ethan will not leave the house until Lily is in her car seat in the car.)

Check on baby when she cries.

Share your favorite toys with her.

"Help" with diaper changes by sharing more toys.

Let her hold a magnet.

Or all your magnets!

Watch TV together.

Jump on the bed together!
Overall just enjoy having a new "toy" to play with!


Carly said...

Super Cute!! Looks like all is going well!!

Holly Wilson said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Ammie said...

Darling! I'm so glad he's happy to have a little sister. It gives me hope that Kidoodle will be of a similar mind. :)

Vicki said...

Well, she's a cute "new toy"! The best! And he'll only like her more as she grows!

You don't know how much those pics remind me of Eli and Fairlight....I have to find some of them and get them to you, Melissa!

Give them hugs from Grandma!

Brandy@YDK said...

Ha. Looks like the perfect big brother

Anonymous said...

So wonderful!! He is such a good big brother!!
Kiss for ALL of you from Grandpa Scotty and JeeJee!

Michelle said...

THAT IS so precious. I LOVE the magnet. That made me laugh out loud. SO PRECIOUS.

now going to read birth story.


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