Friday, February 27, 2009

Open Hands

Ethan has started to keep his hands open more and his thumb is opening up. He is grabbing things that are in his reach such as my hair and clothes! He even went as far to grab my nursing bra to move me closer to him! He loves this bear his Aunt Fairlight gave him.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Mobile

Ethan got a new Mobile from Jee Jee and Grandpa Scotty. He loves it! And mommy loves it too because it runs on batteries, will play up to 15 mins at a time and Ethan will sit under it for half an hour!

6 (8) Week Check-Up

Ethan and I went for our 6 week check-up yesterday. Baby and Mommy are both doing great. Ethan weighed in at 9lbs 10oz!!!!! Almost a pound bigger then a week and 1/2 ago. I got the go ahead to start back to yoga which I can't wait to do! This is Roswitha, the midwife who caught Ethan!
This is the "Birth Certificate" that the Birthing Center gives out. It has the midwife and the two assistants names on it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Size Update

As of February 13 Ethan weighs 8lbs 15oz and is 21 1/4 in long! Thanks Karla! He has also grown out of his favorite socks so we had to buy new ones! Our first appointment with the pediatrician is next Monday. I will update again.

Our Visit to Oklahoma

We had lots of fun in Oklahoma last week! Thank you to Jee Jee and Grandpa Scotty for letting us visit. Here are some pics taken by myself and my Aunt Kathy. It was great to see everyone and we can't wait to visit again! Eli, Melissa and Ethan Lukas.

Melissa, Jee Jee (my mom), Ethan and Great Grandma Billye.

Jee Jee needed to make a lily pad out of a bean bag chair so Ethan thought he would try it out seeing as he had on his frog suit that day!

Great Grandma Billye's first time to meet Ethan Lukas! Happy Valentine's Day!

Eli's News

Eli just found out his 4th paper will be published soon! Congratulations! I have posted a link to his lab's web page if anyone is interested in what he studies.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eli as a Baby

Here is Eli as a baby. I'm not sure how old he is. Maybe his mom knows?

Does anyone think Ethan looks like him?;) I sure do!!!

Our First Trip to OKLAHOMA!!

We are leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow to visit my parents and family. We will be stopping by my Aunt and Uncle's house in Central Texas for dinner. Eli will be staying through the weekend, leaving on Sunday afternoon. He has to go to work on Monday. Ethan and I get to stay a whole week! Mom will drive us on Saturday half way to meet Eli who will drive us home. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! I know my family is excited to see the baby and, they tell me, excited to see me and Eli too!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birth Mark!?!

Every time I change Ethan's diaper I see these 2 red marks on the middle of his back. I thought they were just marks from the diaper but there is no way that multiple diapers can leave the same mark every time. So, I think Ethan has his first birth mark! What do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handmade Quilts and Blankets

We have had so many beautiful Handmade Quilts and Blankets made for Ethan. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness! They will all be cherished and loved for many years.

The Baby Blue was made by a friend of the family. She is a very sweet lady that goes to our church in my home town.

The "Rainbow Blanket" was made by Eli's Grandmommy (His mother's mother).

These next 3 were quilted by my mother aka Jee Jee. They are the Horse, the Red and Yellow Butterflies and the Red and Blue Bears.

This Blue and Green Frogs was quilted by my Aunt. Another Aunt made him several burp rags, bibs, towels and wash rags. We have some very talented people in our family!

Milk Drunk

Eli and I like to call this look "Milk Drunk"! This is always the way Ethan looks after a long session of (over) eating. If you look closely you can even see milk dribbling down his chin! This pic was taken on the floor because he spit up all over himself and my self and the floor as I was trying to find him some new clothes after he spit up all over the ones he was wearing. We ended up on the floor trying to clean up the mess!

Our First Accident

Let me start by saying Everyone is Okay!

A few weekends ago, Eli and I bought a few more book shelves so I have finally gotten all my books out of the boxes in the garage. I've been moving them around on the shelves because I have this OCD/ Librarian thing where I need to have the books placed by subject.

Yesterday I had finished the book I was reading (Baby Proof by Emily Griffin) and ready to start another one. Ethan was starting to fuss for his feeding so I picked him up and knelt down at the bookcase. I discovered 3 small hardback books that were in need of being moved up to the next to top shelf.

Instead of standing up to move these books I stay on the floor and reach up with one hand. I saw it happen before it happened. It was like slow motion but there was nothing I could do to stop it! One of the books slipped out of my hand and landed on my babies head!!!

A few seconds passed before Ethan knew what had hit him (literally!). Then I get this scream like no other I've ever heard. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom so I can look at his head in more light. No Blood, not even a red mark. He then stops crying.

Okay, so I know that accidents are going to happen and sometimes they may be my fault. I just hope my mushy pregnancy head goes away soon so I will not do stupid things!

I didn't want to call my husband at work seeing as it wasn't an emergency so I sent him a text message. It said: I just dropped a book on Ethan's head. He calls me back and tells me when he read it he laughed! Am I a bad parent for dropping a book on my sons head or is Eli a bad parent for laughing about it? Only time will tell.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Walk with Harry

Ethan, Harry and I went on our first walk together on Friday! I put Ethan in the front carrier so he could see; Harry was on his leash. This pic was taken after I had gotten Ethan dressed and before Harry discovered he was going. Harry still would not sit long enough for me to get a pic with him and the screaming and tired baby! Isn't his little blue jacket so cute! I'm happy to say it is a little big for him so he will be able to wear it for awhile.

The plan was to just walk up to the main street and back down the other side. When we got half way I discovered the very large Rottweiler that lives across the street was in his back yard and I didn't want to walk that close to his fence! Not that I think he could get out but my motherly protectiveness kicks in overtime these days.

So we ended up taking the long way around the block. Now, for those of you who walked this path with me so many times as I was trying to get labor started, you will remember Harry gets tired and stops walking about a block and 1/2 away from home! Before I would just carry him the rest of the way but I now have my little man to carry. So we just took several breaks while Harry caught his breath, poor guy.

It was a beautiful day and we are looking forward to the next walk outside. I did learn one thing: Put the leash on the dog before putting the baby in the carrier. When Harry even hears his leash being taken out he goes crazy! It is very hard to get his leash on him when you are also holding a screaming baby!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to leave a comment

I have heard some people are having problems leaving comments.
Here's how: Click where it says "1 comments" under the pic you want to comment on.
If you have a yahoo, Google or AOL account you can use the Google/Bloggor and type your ID and password. If not you need to select "Name/URL". Type in your name. Don't forget the Word Verification. Just type what letters you see! This is to keep automated computers from posting on the site.
Hope this helps!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One of my favorite parts of Ethan

I think I watched too much Star Trek while I was pregnant! Ethan's right ear has a Spock look to it. I love it! It's one of my favorite parts of him.

Crazzzzzy Baby

When he gets upset about something, Ethan has started flaying his arms and legs! He will pull his legs up to his chest and kick them out hard either up in the air or straight out. He clinches his fist and waves his arms in the air. Sometimes changing his diaper helps but sometimes nothing helps! He just has to calm down on his own.

I call him my "Crazzy Baby" when he does this!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Smiling :)

Ethan has been smiling for awhile but I have been unable to capture it on film until now! He will smile when he has a full belly and has just been changed. He will smile when I smile at him and as he is falling asleep. He had a really good laugh yesterday as he was falling asleep! I'll try to get a good laugh on video.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things you have to have during Pregnancy

1. Body Pillow-This is a must! Any kind will do. I had a boppy that was a half moon shape. Warning: Your husband will feel replaced by this item. He will get over it!

2. Body Ball- This is sold as exercise equipment ($10 Walmart). Be sure to get the right size for your weight and make sure it is "anti-Burst". We don't want you ending up on the floor! You will use it for soooo many things. Be creative here! Get on your knees and lean on it to let your belly hang or stretch your back. Sit on it and lay your top half on the side of the bed (I have fallen asleep in this position). This one is also good if your husband (or anyone for that matter) will rub or crack your back. You can also use it during labor. It is even helpful after birth when you want to sit down but the baby wants to bounce. It is much better on your bottom then a hard chair! In fact, I'm sitting on it right now! It will also be helpful when you decide in a year or two to start losing the baby fat!

Warning: Do not let your Mother on it. She will wake up the next day in pain!

3. Yoga Classes- These helped me more then anything! Yoga helps you to learn to relax during the uncomfortableness of pregnancy, the pains of labor and the stress after the birth. Going to a class is best because you can leave all the stress of life outside and really learn to relax. If you are not able to go then buy a few tapes (I got 2 at goodwill for $1 each!), go into a quite room where you can be alone for at least 30mins. Do this as least twice a week. Trust me, it's worth it!

4. A loving Husband or partner- This is a must! I don't know what I would have done without Eli. He was my butler, driver, massage therapist, psychologist, man servant, lover and a million other things all wrapped into one very loving and patient man. And he continues to deal with me and my hormones on a daily basis and hasn't left me yet!

5. A loving Family- I am so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. It has made everything much easier knowing they are just a phone call or a days drive away. Eli's family has also been such a loving support with their phone calls, cards and emails. I know they can't wait to see the little one!

6. Anything else that makes you happy or more comfortable because you must remember: It is all about you during pregnancy!

Day to Day

So how does the baby always know when I have something to do the next day? He will stay awake till all hours of the night the night before I have a doctors appointment. He's done this to me twice now. Last night he was wide awake until about 2 am and I had to be up and going at 7 this morning. I did get some household chores done but I don't want my nights to become my days!

He is still eating like crazy but now I think it has become a comforting thing for him. When he starts screaming after he's been nursing for 45mins I will put him back on and he will fall asleep in 5 mins. Or he will suck for over 1 hour and then spit up half of it. I'm afraid he will get a belly ache from over eating! We are still working on using the pacifier but I'm sure that's just contributing to his nipple confusion! I just can't win but I've stopped trying too hard and I'm just letting things happen as they happen. I'm still using the nipple shield but it is not hurting as bad as it had been.


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