Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011...

I took time out from working on my Craft Fair to whip up some Halloween costumes for the kids. 

They both fell asleep on the way to the "Trunk n Treat" at Ethan's school.

Lily woke up happy and sweet as usual. 

Ethan would not wake up. I put his hat on him to take the pic because he wouldn't keep it on when he was awake. He was the little drummer boy from Veggie Tales, his favorite movie of right now. He's so cute with his little drum and sticks (thanks Aunt Clair!) and his animals. He acts out the whole movie :)

When he finally woke up he would not walk up to anyone to get candy. Even his teachers. He only went up to one lady who was standing alone by her car. I think all the dressed up kids and strangers were confusing to him. 

He did manage to open up all his candy (3 pieces) before we got home. So much for Eli and I getting to eat it all after he goes to bed.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Finished Dresses, Help me with Pricing!

I have 9 Dresses totally done for my Craft Fair. I have 9 more to apply finishing touches/tags and I want to sew 2 more for a total of 20. I have 1 week. Wish me luck!

I need your help with pricing. What would you consider paying for these dresses? Should I keep them all one price or different depending on the fabric/accessories? 

Let me know here or on my FB page.


Upcycled Green and Peach Linen with vintage buttons and removable ribbon flower.

Upcycled Pink Plaid with removable flower.

Vintage fabric with reversible Apron.

Upcycled with attached flowers.

Vintage Buttons and Fabric.

Attached Apron. 

Vintage fabric with ribbons. 

Removable flower and Hair clip.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool, Sunny Day

I have been sewing none stop (almost) for 2 1/2 days now. Lily and I decided we needed some time out in the beautiful weather!

Like her brother, she loves the swing.

Speaking of brother....

He's gone to stay with my parents for a week. That's why I'm getting so much done.

But I wouldn't give up cleaning this face for all the sewing time in the world.

We miss him!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Fair- Reusable Shopping Bags

A few months ago I won a Reusable Shopping Bag and several produce bags from the Green Bag Lady!! 
I have to say I love this bag. It is my new purse.

My Craft Fair is quickly approaching. TurtleBug Sewing is based off of upcycleing and re-purposing material so I couldn't very well send my customers off with their new items in a plastic bag! 
I am sewing 20 of these Reusable Shopping Bags from this tutorial and giving 1 away free with each purchase!
If you are going to be in Austin on November 5 you should visit us at our Craft Fair! Contact me and I'll get you the info.

This week I received my Labels from JennifersJewels. I love them! It took me a few times to figure out the best way to sew them on and I think this is it. The only thing I will change the next time I order will be the colors. I think I would rather have purple and green. They are too pretty to hide on the inside so you will be seeing them on the outside of my products.

Lily Dawn 9 Months

How sweet is this face???? And she has the sweetest personality to go with it. Every time we are out and about someone will tell me how calm and relaxed she is. When we are shopping she is looking around at the people or watching the ground as we walk and sometimes grabbing at the clothes when we pass by. 

She now has 6 teeth. Yes, 6!! 4 on top and two on bottom. 
The better to bite you with, My Dear. 
She is nursing and eat a little bit of solid food including finger food.
Some of her favorites:
Yogurt w/fruit
Graham Crackers
Ripe Peaches. The whole thing. (I remove the skin.)
Do NOT think you are going to share with her.

She Loves playing with her brother, Ethan! She is getting tougher all the time.

I often find them playing in his room- Ethan singing and dancing while Lily keeps out of the way! 

She is "talking" up a storm! She is saying: mama, dada, baba and lots of other sounds. She and Ethan "talk" to each other. They especially enjoy blowing bubbles with their spit while in the car. 

Super sad but super sweet!

I think she needs some Leggings on!
As I said in my last post, she is crawling and standing, ever so close to walking.

At her 9 Month Check Up:
Wt- 19lbs/ 56%
Ht.- 26.5/ 18%
Head- 44.4cm/ 64%

She is wearing 18 month clothing but the pants are a bit too long. She is still in her onesize cloth diapers on the second setting and size 4 disposables. 

We LOVE our Lily Bean!! She is growing too fast.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss Lily's on the Move!

Lily turns 9 months tomorrow! We go to her checkup tomorrow morning so I will post her stats and cute pics when we get home. Until then here are a few pics from the last month.

She has been pulling to her knees for awhile and has been pulling up to standing for the past few weeks.

This is the FIRST time she pulled to standing!

They grow too fast!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Move- Binder

I'm super excited to get started with The Move to Oregon but seeing as it is still 5 months away there is not much I can do. I thought I'd make my self feel better if I got a bit more organized. I bought a binder and some plastic dividers with pockets. 

I labeled a few- Austin House, Packing, Travel and Corvallis House. Then I put some plan white paper behind each so I could write my thoughts and create some lists. I love lists. In the pockets I've placed the city maps we bought when we visited. 

I ordered a visitors guide on the Corvallis City website. It has so much information in it!

All the hotels are listed as well as a map of the city.

I finished it off by placing a colorful label and placing it next to my other binders. It's so nice to start off a big project by being organized.

I have found several great web sites about organizing for a move:

They all pretty much say the same thing: Be organized, do as much as you can ahead of time and sell everything you can buy there so you don't have to move it!

Do you have any good tips for organizing a cross country move?


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