Friday, February 6, 2015

Lillian Dawn- 4 Years Old

Lillian Dawn
January 11, 2011


LilE, as she prefers to spell it, is my wild child. She lives on the edge, literally at times. Hardly looking where she is going, running full speed ahead. 

1 Year Old
All about LilE:

Still loves shoes and will wear "mixed up" boots, a different one on each foot.
Wants to be a "Kitty" when she grows up.
Loves pink and all things girly.
Hello Kitty and all cats are still on the top of the list as favorite animals.
She still talks, a lot. 
Still sucks her thumb.
Loves to help out around the house with reminders, sometimes on her own.
Writing most all of her letters, both upper and lower case. 
Doing "school" at home now. 
LOVES her big brother and is Okay with baby sister most of the time. 
Has a serious gag reflex to anything "gross".
Loves Ballet class but should probably be in gymnastics. I have found her hanging off the back of the couch.
She always has a smile on her face.

2 Years Old preparing for her future as a Kitty.

3 Years Old

4 Years Old

Ethan Lukas- 6 Years Old

Ethan Lukas
December 28, 2008


I can't believe my first born is 6 years old! Ethan is an awesome little boy. He is super smart and quick witted. He is focused on what he wants and is excited about learning. 

1 Year Old
All about Ethan:

Loves all video games: Mindcraft, Cut the Rope are two of his favorites right now.
Wants to be a video game designer when he grows up.
Is in Kindergarten and is ready to be done with school.
Spends hours working on his "books" where he is designing new or drawing current video games.
Loves playing outside.
Very good at his chore chart.
Loves to draw.
Likes to have order and keep things consistent.
Is looking forward to visiting with both sets of Grandparents this summer! 

2 Years Old

3 Years Old

4 Years Old

5 Years Old

6 Years Old

Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!! (A little late.) It seems like this year I'm doing a lot of things a little late. I was late finishing up our annual "year in review" photo album, I was late sending out Christmas cards and didn't even send to everyone on my list, and now I'm late doing this post. Oh, well. Better late than never!

We did all of our regular traditions like the Advent calendar and hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

And took our trip to Storybook Land (AKA The North Pole) to visit Santa.

Cora was in love. And I think Santa was pretty smitten, too.

We started some new traditions- Elf on the Shelf, hand prints, and gingerbread houses.

I never got around to making Cora a Christmas stocking. I should get started now and maybe she'll have one by next year!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween at Aunt April's

Halloween and the day before were very busy for us! We started out the day before at LilE's preschool. Last minute LilE decided she wanted to be a ballerina instead of a kitty cat. Thankfully we had everything we needed.

Little Cora was especially cute in her elephant costume.

Then Cora and I went to Ethan's school where he received a merit award for being respectful, helpful and following the rules.

Then it was off to Aunt April's house! The drive was eventful but we made it and got to trick-or-treat in her awesome neighborhood where most every house participated in Halloween. We love that she lives so close now!

By Halloween LilE was back to being a Kitty Cat. Aunt April helped out by painting her face.

We had so much fun visiting Aunt April and can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Preview

October is always a busy time for us because of all the pumpkin patch field trips! Our count is 2 so far this year.

With Ethan's Kindergarten we also got to pick and eat apples!

Picking out the best pumpkin.

For LilE's preschool trip we got to have a hayride! 

We used paper plates to represent what the kids will be dressing up as this year. Can you guess??? I'll give you a hint: it's the same as last year. Their idea, not mine but I'm not complaining. Makes it much easier for me.


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