Thursday, April 29, 2010

TurtleBug Sewing Blog and Etsy Store

I did it! I opened up my very own Etsy store!!

I've also decided to start a new blog and move all things sewing over there. TurtleBug Sewing

I would love for you to join me on my new sewing/selling adventure as I try my hand at sewing/selling homemade, mostly upcycled children's clothing and what ever else I find fun to make!

See you there!

Ethan's Square

Ethan is really good about staying back when I open the oven door. Sometimes I don't even have to tell him to stay back, he just does. It's a different story when I cook on top of the stove. I think it's because he can't see what I'm doing and he wants to know.

Yesterday I was pan frying and didn't want him to get too close to the stove when I took the splash guard off the pan. He was having trouble staying away so I thought I would make it easier for him to visualize his boundary. Did he stay in the square? No. But it did help him understand what I wanted him to do. Every time he started inching closer to me I moved him back to his box. He even sat inside of it once without me telling him too!

As you can tell by the pic, he was happy after I was done cooking!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing Veggies

We have finally gotten most of our veggies and herbs out! Ethan loves walking among all the plants.
Our first cucumber! I love it when we start to see the "fruits" of our labor. All of our plants were grown from seed and this little cucumber is the first of many yummy veggies we have in store for us this year. Other things we are growing: Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Okra, Onions (if I ever get them planted! Thanks Scotty!), and tons of different herbs including Basil, Oregano, Dill, Thyme, Lemon Balm and Cilantro.

Dirt is his favorite thing! He does sometimes get in trouble for digging in the plants but he's pretty good most of the time. He just can't resist the wonderful thrill of grabbing a handful of dirt and tossing it or eating it and he loves the excitement of Mom and Dad when he does.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Remembering Harry

I lost my sweet Harry Dog one year ago today. I still tear up every time I think of him and the little things he did. I wish he would have been around longer so he and Ethan could have gotten to know one another. Ethan loves animals so much and I know he and Harry would have been good friends.


Harry was so tiny when I first got him.

He had been home for about 3 days when he fell off the couch and broke his little leg! As he got older he always had problems with that leg when it rained. He would start to limp on it so I would rub it and he would be fine. I think he just liked the attention.

He loved his cousins Hooch and Sadee. Oh, they had such good times!


I think he knew something was happening as my belly got bigger and bigger. Oh, and he got kicked out of the bed!
12/ 29/08
This was taken when Ethan was about 12 hours old. Harry looks like he's about to eat Ethan up!

This one always makes me laugh! I'm sure Eli was scratching his back.
I love him still and miss him terribly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Up! Happy Earth Day

Jen at ReannaLily Designs Blog is hosting a Green Up blog hop today for Earth Day! She ask that we link our Sewing and Crafting projects where we have recycled material. Here are a few things I've been working on:

A pillow case turned into a cloth shopping bag and a little boy's shirt~

Pants for a boy made from a linen dress~ I'm still working on some mooshy bunnies made with thrifted Ts~

And two girlly pillow case dresses~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plants in the Back Yard

It's amazing the things you find when you don't mow! We think these tall plants might be sunflowers planted by our birds.
Eli says this is Sorrel and you can eat the leaves and the "fruit". We have tons of it in the back yard so if you want to come over we can have a salad.

He made me eat one and they were pretty good! They are kind of tart and sweet at the same time.

We're not really sure what this is but it's pretty~ It has some sort of vine growing through it.
Oh, yeah. And we grow little boys in the back yard too! They need lots of milk and animal crackers to survive in case you want to grow your own.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Yes, He Did.

You would never know it....
But this cute little boy couldn't have done it....

How innocent he looks...

But, yes. He did.

Ethan pooped on the living room carpet last night. And like the monkey he is, he played in it, he stepped in it and......(gasp!)..... he ate it. I was sitting 5 feet away and didn't see anything until it was too late.
Eli arrived home to find me on my gloved hands and knees cleaning it up. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I did a little of both.
Why was he naked you ask? I like to let him air out after his bath but usually put big boy unders on him to catch anything that might come out. Last night I didn't. I will from now on.


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