Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy ThanksGiving!

Okay, so I'm a few days behind. I hope everyone had a great day. We had fun with lots of Family and good food! I made Sweet Potatoes from My Muffin Thursdays and they were a big hit!

Ethan had a great time playing with his cousins. What you can't see in this pic is Boo making him laugh!

Here she is cheesing for the camera! Ethan thought she was the best thing ever. She makes a great 5 year old babysitter!

Now that Thanksgiving is over it's time to start decorating for Christmas! Mom seems to have a good time even though it is a lot of work. I did help a little:) Here are some prep pics:

Ethan had to get in on all the fun!

I'll post the finished Christmas pics soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Preview

A few things about Me today:

I love that I have everything to make oatmeal cookies already in the house!

I love oatmeal cookies (no raisins, please). I've eaten 3, okay maybe 4, while writing this post.

I've gotten much better at taking pics in the last 11 months. The first few months of Ethan's life, not so good.

I think I've finally got this whole homemaker thing down! I've figured out how to keep my kitchen clean, clothes and diapers washed and living room clean while slowly cleaning the bathrooms and spending time outside with Ethan.

I was finally able to get rid of some of Harry's stuff. It's been almost 7 months. I've been collecting it as I find it around the house. I threw away some old shampoo and put some squeaky toys and his bed in the donation pile in the garage. I still have a box of his favorite toys, clothes (yes, I dressed my dog! He was too cute not to) and his blanket. I'm not sure if I can get rid of those. I still miss him so much it hurts.

I have a huge list of things to do before we leave for Oklahoma next week but instead I am making cookies and blogging. We will be staying for a whole month!

I can't wait to see my Sister in December!

I am going to miss Eli terribly when he goes to Australia.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time to Eat!

The little boy has become so independent that he wants to feed himself! The only thing Mom needs to learn is to not forget the bib!

Missed Appointment

Every few months I have a doctors appointment with my Rheumatologists. As some of you know, I have Lupus and have to have regular check ups and blood work done to make sure things are going okay. As far as Lupus goes, I have it really good. My only symptoms have been joint pain and skin sensitivity to the sun. I am very lucky because Lupus can be really bad.

Anyway, I had my appointment yesterday at 7:40am. (I know, it's early! But Eli stays home with the boy and I want to get back early so he doesn't miss much work.) They called me the day before to remind me of my appointment and I said to the lady "I'll be there!". That was the last time I thought about it until 3 am this morning when I jumped up in bed and said "Oh, No!". I'm sure I scared Eli to death! Now I can't sleep so I'm up telling you about my forgetfulness.

How could I have forgotten? I've never (at least I don't remember) forgotten a doctors appointment. I remind my husband of his appointments. I remember Ethan's appointments.

Why didn't I remember mine? Is this a sign of old age? Or is it still, after almost 11 months, pregnancy brain?

It's not that I'm "so busy" I forgot. All I did yesterday was go to Kohl's to spend my $10 Off Anything coupon (I <3 Free)
Now what happens? Do I have to pay for the missed appointment or the co-pay? I'll have to call tomorrow and it will probably be a month before I can get another appointment.

On a brighter note, Ethan slept from 7pm until 4am this morning without waking up and he put himself to sleep both times without much crying!! Yea, go sleep training!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vote for Mama Dweeb!!!

Check out Annie@ Mama Dweeb. She's running for Bloggers and Tiaras @ Momdot and I really want her to win!!!! She has a link on her site to vote for her!!

Good Luck Annie!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Reading up on some Birthing books.

Too young to wash dishes?? Too cute!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free DVD from Big Idea!

Go to to get a FREE Veggie Tales movie (plus 2.99 S/H)! Only one per household. (Don't try to use 2 different computers; it doesn't work!) There are 3 to choose from: Are you my Neighbor, Where is God when I'm S-Scared and The Balled of Little Joe. Veggie Tales are wonderful and Ethan loves them! They are great at teaching Bible stories and lessons in things like Confidence, Patience and Hardship. Even I have learned great lessons from them!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween (a little late)

Ethan and I just got back from our final trip for awhile. Although we had fun on all of our adventures this last month, we are happy to be home for good (until Thanksgiving, anyway). Here is Ethan Trick or Treating in his puppy ears I made him. The makeup didn't go over so well. He wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get it on him!


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