Monday, October 13, 2014

LilE's First Dance Class

Today was LilE's first Dance Class (Tiny Twos). We thought class started last week so we got all dressed and arrived to find an empty building and locked studio. We got it right today. The class is closed so all the parents have to sit outside and watch the tv monitor. This makes taking photos pretty hard but I was able to snap a few when they came out to get a drink of water.

I think LilE had her ups and downs in class. At the beginning I could see her dancing around but toward the end she seemed to start losing it. I think her bow of her shoes came untied and no one would help her tie it. We will have to remember to tuck them in next week.

When I asked her if she wanted to go back next week she said yes!

She is the oldest and tallest in her class. Next session we will move up to the Creative Dance class with other girls her own age.

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