Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!! (A little late.) It seems like this year I'm doing a lot of things a little late. I was late finishing up our annual "year in review" photo album, I was late sending out Christmas cards and didn't even send to everyone on my list, and now I'm late doing this post. Oh, well. Better late than never!

We did all of our regular traditions like the Advent calendar and hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

And took our trip to Storybook Land (AKA The North Pole) to visit Santa.

Cora was in love. And I think Santa was pretty smitten, too.

We started some new traditions- Elf on the Shelf, hand prints, and gingerbread houses.

I never got around to making Cora a Christmas stocking. I should get started now and maybe she'll have one by next year!

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