Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two is the New One- Rear Facing Car Seat!!

I've been asked many time when I was going to let Ethan turn around and face forward in his car seat. The answer is "As long as he fits in his rear facing car seat (35lbs) he will face the rear!!". I might even get another car seat if he out grows that one before two. Now the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) agrees. If you have a child under two please read this article from Seattle Children's Hospital and keep your child rear facing until two!!


Brandy said...

good message.

sidenote I lost all my buttons and was trying to go around and collect them and notice that you don't have one! you need one for this blog and your sewing blog. need help?

HotHarmony said...

Great post, I am also an advocate for keeping your kids rear facing for as long as possible. I tell everyone I meet. Keep up the good work and spread the news.


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