Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordfull Wednesday

I always post pictures of Ethan looking cute and happy. And he is, most of the time. But lately he has been turning into a not so sweet and cute little boy. Sometimes he gets upset because I won't let him do something or have something he wants.

Sometimes he gets upset for no reason at all or no reason I can come up with. I'm sure he knows exactly why he's upset. He just has a really hard time communicating that.

The fits usually end as quickly as they started.

And Ethan goes back to being my Sweet Boy.


Dee said...

He is cute happy or not! :)

Brandy said...

i just want to smush his face. and i totally get fits. monday night G was out of control. last night - different kid.

Anonymous said...

He is starting the terrible twos before he is 2.
But we love him however he acts.

Ammie said...

LOL. This makes me laugh because I can relate. Kidoodle is beginning to throw his head back in tantrums. I warn him he's gonna smack it on the floor and that it's gonna hurt. We are heading into the good(BAD)lands!

Vicki said...

Boy, do I remember those days! (For one thing, they aren't that long ago, since Mercy is only 7!) I think they aren't very comfortable being toddlers....there's a person inside there and it can't do and say what it wants to do and say. And then there are those rules...."You mean I'm not the Ruler of the Universe? I'm MAD about that!"

Reply to Ammie: My fourth child tried the throwing-himself-on-the- ground-and-flinging-the-head-back type tantrum ONCE...on a cement floor. Boy, was HE surprised! He confined himself to crying from an upright position after that!

Melissa, tell Ethan his grandma loves him even when he's unhappy!


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