Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Growing Veggies

Our garden is growing more and more every day. We have gotten several cucumbers and a few okra and 1 pepper! The tomatoes are still growing and haven't produced yet. I think the rains we had a few weeks ago knocked off all the flowers.
I didn't know okra made such a pretty flower! The flowers don't stay very long before turning into a tiny okra.

These cuties are all over our okra leaves. I'm okay with them as long as they don't jump on me or start eating our plants.

We bought the cucumber seeds with the intent to make pickles! I'm not an experienced canner so I choose to go with refrigerator pickles. No canning involved! I used this recipe but halved it. I also added grape leaves from our "wild" grapes that grow on the neighbor's tree that happens to grow into our yard. They taste good but a bit on the bitter/sweet side. Eli suggested adding a 1/2 cup of water to the recipe next time.

On a sadder note, our Toad died. He had been living in our flower bed for about a year. He liked to hang out in my potted plants and I never knew when I would be watering and he would pop his head up out of the dirt!
I came home from Oklahoma last week to find him floating in Ethan's swimming pool (that was filled with rain water). He wasn't dead so I fished him out with one of Ethan toys (that Eli threw away later) and set him back in the flower bed. I thought maybe he had just had too much water, as he is a desert toad, and just needed to dry out a bit. The next day he was dead. I had Eli bury him in the flower bed next to the jasmine bush where he lived.
Don't worry, I cleaned out the swimming pool before I let Ethan back in it!


Anonymous said...

I know how it feels to lose a frog. Remember my frozen one in the water feature!! I thought he was just having a good time and he was dead, frozen at the bottom of the pond.

Brandy said...

wow - it's like a regular nature preserve!

Rose said...

Nice photos! We had okra last year - isn't it the coolest looking plan?

Sorry about your frog :(


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