Monday, July 19, 2010

The Many Woes of Little Ethan

Here is what I'm dealing with today. More on that in a second:For the last few days we have been attempting to get Ethan to sleep in his "Big Boy" bed. It is his crib with the front remove to make it into a day bed. He loves it, during the day. But when it comes time to sleep in it he wants nothing to do with it. He will cry, for about a minute, and then fall asleep in front of his bedroom door. It's really sad. He wakes several times in the night and Eli will get him back to sleep, sometimes in his bed. He wakes rested and happy the next morning. Hopefully we will see some improvement over the next week. If not, I think we might have to go back to the crib. He can't sleep on the floor like a homeless man for the rest of his life.

Here is what Ethan looked like when we went to his 18 month appointment last week:
Blood blister on toe:

Scratches on side of face and mosquito bits all over forehead:

More mosquito bits on arms and legs:

I'm glad the Doc didn't think he was an abused child. She may change her mind if she sees this:

And this:

Or this:

It was also on his bottom cheeks but I didn't take a photo of that.
What is it you ask? Good question. We have no idea. His diaper was changed at 8am yesterday and within 2 hours he looked like this. It was gone with in 2 hours. The same thing happened this morning on his back (see first photo). I'm thinking heat rash but Eli disagrees. I kept myself from googling it yesterday but couldn't help myself this morning. The only thing I came across that might be close is Fifth's Disease which doesn't look too bad. We called the off hours nurse yesterday and she wasn't too concerned. I've put in a call to our ped and now just waiting to hear back. On the up side he has been very happy through the whole thing. It doesn't seem to bother him at all.
UPDATE: The nurse thinks it may be hives. I'm still waiting on her to get in touch with the ped to see if she wants us to go in for an appointment.
Eli and I got to go out on a date last night! Our friend and Eli's co-worker came to sit with Ethan. She has sat with him once before but I put him to sleep before we left. This time she came over at 6pm and Ethan goes to bed at 7pm. They had a great time singing, dancing and playing on her laptop taking pics of him! She put him to bed and he cried for a minute and fell asleep (again, on the floor). I'm so glad we have someone who is willing to sit (for free! so I cook them food) with Ethan so Eli and I can enjoy some time out together.


Brandy said...

oh no! poor ethan. What if the stress of him sleeping on the floor is causing hives?

Anonymous said...

Our poor baby!!! I don't think I have ever seen anything like what is in the picture!! Any more news from the ped? It looks like some kind of allergic thing, but to what?
He will get use to his 'big boy' bed... I hope!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is allergic to the carpet!!
JeeJee again!

Vicki said...

You know, I think the carpet may be the culprit as well. It looks like hives to me too. Do they seem to itch?

Daniel used to get hives occasionally. The ones I remember were from gypsy moth larvae and navel oranges (but not other kinds of oranges, ???). Once we came home from somewhere when he was about nine or ten and he was asleep on the couch, covered in hives. We never knew why on that one, though we questioned him minutely. The only thing Eli ever got them from was cold and wet (chilblains). He got that from me.

Oh, well. Even with hives, he's still adorable!


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