Saturday, September 25, 2010

24 weeks

24 weeks!! Over half way there. I am feeling really great. I attend yoga class at least once a week, sometimes twice. It really helps to adjust my softening joints. If I skip a week I start to feel achy all over and my hips start to hurt. I am looking forward to a yoga workshop mid Oct: Primal Birth. I can't say enough about how much yoga helped me with my first pregnancy, labor and birth.

I can't eat anything too spicy anymore, which makes me really sad. With Ethan I could eat anything! But now I get a terrible stomach ache a few hours after I have a spicy meal. 

The Little Girl was head up at her last u/s on Weds which is not really a problem at this age. I've been talking to her and telling her that is not where she is supposed to be and she needs to start making her way head down. Yesterday morning she moved to a side laying position where her feet are to my right side. I can tell because her kicks (feet) are harder then her hits (hands). Keep it up, Baby Girl! You are half way there!!

Here she is with her hands above her head.

Eli says she has "lady like" feet!! I hope so because Ethan has his feet and on a boy they are cute but not so much on a little girl.

Doesn't she have a cute nose?? She weighed 1lb 9oz.

We will start going for u/s every month now. So far every thing is looking great! Healthy Mama and Healthy Baby!

Right now I am doing lots of research on childbirth and the different issues that can arise. I am reading "Creating Your Birth Plan" by Marsden Wagner and taking notes to write my own birth plan. I didn't write a birth plan when I had Ethan because I felt safe having the baby at a Birthing Center. Even though I was very informed on childbirth before Ethan's birth I feel even more so now. I want to know all about the different complications that can happen and what my stance is on them BEFORE they happen! That way we can make an informed choice if something were to happen. I don't really trust myself to remember everything so I'll be writing it down. I'll be sure to share it with you when I am done!


Carly said...

You Look Great:) YA I agree she has a Super cute Nose!!

Vicki said...

Her nose and feet are both cute!! Bet she's cute all over!!! (Just like Ethan!!!)

I think a birth plan is a great idea. They didn't have those when I was having babies. You had to fight for everything. That's why I had them at home...not to mention that I was so inept at knowing when I was in labor that they would probably all have been born in the car anyhow!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why Melissa has a fast delivery, because both her mother-in-law and mother had quick deliveries. I know all will be well this time. The Lord took such good care of you when Ethan was born, when it could have been complicated. Her nose looks like her mamas!!!
By twe way, you doooo look great!

Brandy@YDK said...

your belly bump looks super cute!


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