Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday or My Daily Attempt to keep Ethan Alive

Ethan had a "photo shoot" yesterday at a park. The birthing center where he was born (and where the Little Girl will be born!) is opening up a new location and wanted photos of the babies that had been born there. Ethan had a great time running on the playground before it was his turn to get his pics taken.

 Here is where I will insert my "mommy guilt moment". See that concrete step behind him? What you don't see is the other side is gravel. Well, he was having so much fun running back and forth in this play area and I was trying to get some shots of him. He stopped to have his photo taken and when he turn he didn't realize he only had a step or two before hitting the "wall". He went head first and flipped upside down, landing on his face and falling on his back onto the gravel. All I saw were arms and legs flying in the air.
My heart fell with him. I ran to him telling him he was okay. I didn't want to move him in case he had some sort of neck injury (I watch too much ER) so all I could do was wipe the gravel off his face. He started crying and caught his breath for a second and then jumped up and started running again! All seemed well but of course I worried about him all day while he was at school. Teacher said he was fine and had a great day.
These photos were taken before the accident. His professional, going to be published on the web and hung in the birthing center, were taken after the fall. I later discovered a skid mark from his forehead down his nose. Hope she can edit that out.

On a side note: Who designs a children's play area with a foot tall concrete wall and a foot tall drop off on to gravel???


Brandy@YDK said...

awwww - he's so freakin cute. I love his curls. and ya no kidding about the poorly planned playplace. wow that's a lot of p's

Carly said...

Yes with my Boys I notice my Heart stops at least once a day because of something they do that is dangerous. Glad he's O.K!!

Vicki said...

I'm glad he's OK too. Trust me, you WILL get used to it!

Give him and Eli hugs from me, and ask them to give you a hug from me too!! (And a pat for Little One, too!!)

Vicki said...


You know what I love most on your blog right now? The picture of Ethan at 21 months where all his teeth show! For some reason I think that's just unbearably cute!!

Ammie said...

Oy! My kiddo did a very similar thing on the sidewalk last month and had scabs all over his face for three weeks.


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