Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skipping Halloween + Ethan's second time (or 3rd) to VOTE!!

We skipped Halloween this year. I was a bit too lazy to come up with a costume for Ethan to wear plus we really don't know any of our neighbors or have family close for trick or treating.

But Ethan did get to go to two Fall Festivals this year! The first was in Round Rock and we went with a friend and her little girl. It was so cold and windy I didn't get too many photos. Ethan dressed up in his "Dallas Cowboy's" warm up suit that Aunt April gave him for Christmas last year. It's the best I could come up with. The lines were so long and the games were not very age appropriate for our little ones so we rode the hay ride and played on the play ground.

The next day they had a "Fall Fest" at his school (MDO). He loved all the games and "won" some great prizes that Mom has enjoyed eating :)

He took me inside for some cookies and juice and to show me where he sits for lunch.

When we got home he was a bit wired so we played with his "house" I made him out of a cardboard box. He loves this thing!

It has a door in one side and a window in the other. I left the top open for easy access.

It's in the garage right now and he plays with it when the car is not there. If it is too cold or too hot outside (and in the garage) I will bring it into the kitchen and he plays there. I've thought about covering it with cloth or painting it. Maybe one day when I'm not so lazy, or pregnant.

We voted for President when I was pregnant with Ethan (Nov 08) and Ethan got to vote in 09 and again this year 10. This year he wasn't too happy because he overheard some potential voting fraud going on. The volunteer was going to sign someone up to vote with a Credit Card! I'm pretty sure it has to be a Government Issued ID.
But that's okay. We got to vote!!


Vicki said...

I love Ethan's house. We have had MANY of those over the years!!

Inquiring minds want to know: did Ethan research all of the candidates very carefully? Can his vote be bought with...a dougnut, for instance??? :)

Brandy@YDK said...

he's totally adorable. like nom nom on his cheeks.

DustieBottoms said...

Good for Ethan, being such an involved citizen! No voting for me this year, our candidates sucked and I couldn't wrap my mind around dragging all 5 kids to the polls. BTW, I <3 Ethan's house.

Ammie said...

That house is the most awesome toy ever! Sweet!

Boo on the potential voting scam.


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