Tuesday, January 4, 2011

38 Weeks, 5 Days

I always forget to get Eli to take a pic of me while he is home so these self shots will have to do. I love this one with Ethan. He thought I was taking a pic of him! He's such a ham.

Almost 39 weeks with Baby Girl

Baby #2
Baby #1

Around 36 weeks pregnant with Ethan.

I think I'm a bit more "pointy" this time around. I'm having more pelvic pain and she feels lower then Ethan did. I have gained about the same amount of weight and look forward to getting it off!

I'm not having any signs of labor, not even BH. With Ethan I started having BH about 4 days before he was born but they were only every 30 mins and not painful at all. Those were the only signs of labor I had with him. My water never even broke till the end.

I'm pretty tired today but I think that's because it's raining. I'm not getting much sleep at night. I wake ever hour to two hours to us the bathroom and sometimes I can't get back to sleep. (By the way, Star Trek, TNG comes on at 3 am!)

Ethan was born at 40 Weeks 5 days. What's your guess for this Little One????

You can read Ethan's Birth Story Here.


Vicki said...

We have a pool here....my guess was 1/11/11, just because it's such a great birth date.

You're beautiful!!! (Though I know you'll be glad to put Little Girl down where you can look at her!)

Brandy@YDK said...

omgosh it's getting so close!!! i'm gonna go 1/16

Breanna said...

You look great!! I was a lot higher/pointier with Reagan too :)

Can't wait to see pics and read your birth story! Good Luck!!


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