Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 185.6
10% Goal by June: 19lbs total
Current Weight: 170.2
+/- for Week: -1.6
+/- Total: -15.4

It feels good to hit that 15lb mark! Less then 4lbs away from 10%. Today's my Birthday so I'm going to eat whatever I want but I didn't plan well because I would have had more tasty things in the house. Like Funyuns. or brownies. That is probably good. I may stick the kids in the stroller and walk to the corner store to buy some. I'll burn most of the calories off that way!

I really need to start exercising. I know I would lose more/faster that way. Plus firm up the flabby parts.

Brandy does Couch to K and Zumba. She inspires me :)

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