Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink Sheets are for Girls

Eli is gone to the Gulf to dive for Coral. 
I am alone with both kids for the first time. 
For 5 days.
Wish me luck.

Lily and I decided that while Daddy is out of town we will have pink sheets on our bed.

We love the softness.

And the pinkness.

Pink diapers go well with pink sheets.


Holly Wilson said...

She is getting so big!

Claire said...

So adorable!

Vicki said...

I bet the three of you will have lots of fun, and you girls will revel in your pink sheets! Even Ethan can romp there by special invitation, right?

Is your heat wave over yet?

Crazy Me said...

Seriously she has such kissable cheeks!! Love those baby teeth! Too stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vicki! Toss Ethan on those pink sheets and he will jump and jump on that bed! Ofcourse he would jump if they weren purple or blue or red or green or ....... I know you will miss Eli. I wish I could be there for those 5 days and play with the kids! But alas I am back at the salt mind, but loving it!!
ps. Did you hear Jason and Holly are having a boy?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Misspelled words!! How is it that I don't ever see them until I publish!!

Brandy@YDK said...


Fairlight said...

LOVE the grin in that last picture. She is such a darling!


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