Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sew Sew Sew

Sorry I've been a bad blogger but I'm sewing up a storm and haven't even taken time to upload the photos I've taken. I have almost 300 pics of the kids and my crafts on my camera. I haven't even done Miss Lily's 8 month update.

I am selling at a Craft Fair for the very first time in November!

I have gotten 4 dresses done (minus a few hems and some buttons) in the last week and a half. I want at least 20 done by the Fair.

I also made Lillian a tutu as part of her Halloween costume. (I made her stand up for these pics. She was only up for the little bit of time it took to snap the photos.)

I've been going to the thrift store at least once a week and finding great fabric skirts, dresses and material to upcycle. I have a whole list of stuff to sew!


Brandy@YDK said...

the dress and lily are cute. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress and little girl!
lv, mom

Claire said...

Whoa, it's mid-September and you're already at work on Halloween costumes?! :) I am impressed.

Melissa said...

Clair- I'm a planner! I can't help it :)


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