Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 185.6
Last Weeks Weight: 161.4
Current Weight: 160.6
+/- Week: -.8
+/- Total: -24.4

At this rate I'm never going to get out of the 160's! I exercised a few times this week.

I also started back to yoga on Saturday. This was my first class that wasn't pre-natal or post-natal since I was pregnant with Lily (around 17 months). It was a "flow" class so you do one move, hold and then "flow" into the next. I think we did about 20 downward dogs. It felt so good to be moving my body again. I love yoga.

I also discovered how my right side is seriously tight and stressed.  I feel like I'm about 2 inches shorter on that side.  Yoga will help. It's really amazing how it helps to really feel your whole body.

 When you have monkeys climbing all over you all day it's nice to be alone not thinking about anything but not falling over.

Do you do Yoga?

Goal: 8lbs by end of Sept.


Brandy@YDK said...

i used to do a yoga dvd a long time ago and i loved how i felt. i need to take it up again.

Kerri said...

i have tried it..but i fall over or cant hold the pose for very long lol

u will get there! good news is u didnt gain so u dont have to make up for the gain and then lose (if that made sense lol)

Fiona said...

I do practice yoga from time to time but when I get busy I really let it slide. Which is probably when I need it the most! I always found it much harder than it looks, though!

Cerise said...

I just started and I LOVE it. My husband actually mentioned that he can tell which days I have done one of my yoga videos, because I seem to be more relaxed and in a happier mood. To think I just started doing it to strength train and help with my running. I love that there are so many other benefits.


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