Friday, October 28, 2011

Finished Dresses, Help me with Pricing!

I have 9 Dresses totally done for my Craft Fair. I have 9 more to apply finishing touches/tags and I want to sew 2 more for a total of 20. I have 1 week. Wish me luck!

I need your help with pricing. What would you consider paying for these dresses? Should I keep them all one price or different depending on the fabric/accessories? 

Let me know here or on my FB page.


Upcycled Green and Peach Linen with vintage buttons and removable ribbon flower.

Upcycled Pink Plaid with removable flower.

Vintage fabric with reversible Apron.

Upcycled with attached flowers.

Vintage Buttons and Fabric.

Attached Apron. 

Vintage fabric with ribbons. 

Removable flower and Hair clip.


GrapeApe said...

Oh my goodness. These dresses are absolutely adorable! You are so talented and creative. I have no idea what to charge, just wanted to let you know how much I love these! Love you, good luck!

Vicki said...

They're beautiful. I probably would price them as low as I though I could consistent with time and money invested, figuring volume in sales would make up the difference between that and what they're really worth. Most people price handmade things pretty high, but then it prices them out of range for lots of people. ...but I can't give you a figure.

Anonymous said...

Love them!! But it looks like you are going to have decide what they are worth,because of your time and money put into them!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

i feel for you. trying to figure out prices. they are super awesome.


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