Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strawberries Everywhere!

When I first wrote this post we were in full Strawberry Season. The kids and I pretty much over did it on Strawberries!

There were 3 strawberry plants in pots when we moved into our rent house. We have had such a good time watching them grown and get strawberries.

Our harvest was around 20 strawberries in total and we enjoyed picking and eating every singe one!

Lily is a Strawberry Addict. 

U-Pick is really big here in Oregon. At the Farmers Market you can buy a box of Strawberries for $20. At the pick-your-own we paid around $8 for over 8lbs!  

Escaping into the Blueberry Fields. Don't worry, kids, we will come back to pick our own soon!

Lily ate so many Strawberries that we offered to pay some extra. The guy just laughed and said it's all part of the experience.

We Love Oregon!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oregon 'agrees with you'!
Sue L.


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