Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Oregon Christmas Tree

We are finally feeling settled here in Oregon! 
We had a wonderful summer filled with travel, family, sun and chickens.
 In August we moved to a farm about a half hour away from Corvallis. We love the area and we are enjoying the change in seasons. 
Even before we moved here I have been thinking about our first Christmas in Oregon. I knew we would be getting our very first real Christmas Tree! 
Luckily we have a Christmas Tree Farm just a short drive from our farm.

As we walked around the Tree Farm I asked Ethan what tree he wanted to take home. This is the one he picked out. I think he has watched Charlie Brown's Christmas Movie one too many times. I promised him we would put a small one (fake) up in his room.

Miss Lily had a good time hiding in the trees, collecting twigs and leaves and digging in the dirt.

Eli said when he was little his family would spend a good hour debating over what tree was the best. This year was no different. Here he is with the tree he wanted but I would not agree to. He wasn't too sad, though. We did finally find one we both loved.

This is the one!!

Good job Brother!

We are ready for the presents!

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Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! JeeJee


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