Friday, September 5, 2014

3rd Day of Kindergarten...Riding the Bus

Yesterday we missed the bus. I didn't know what time it was to arrive and it passed by the house as we were walking toward the road. She apparently missed us, too, because she stopped about 50 yards from the mail box and was going to wait on us but cars started piling up behind her.

Ethan wanted to make sure we did not miss it today!

Apparently LilE and I were walking too slow. He had to run all the way! He was NOT going to miss it this morning.

He was so excited to ride the bus but he stopped after he got on just to tell me "I'm going to miss you, Mama."

After he left LilE started crying because she wanted to go with him. She said "When it gets night time where will Ethan sleep at Kindergarten? I want to take a bed to Kindergarten so he will have somewhere to sleep." So sweet she is so worried about him. I did explain it to her that he will be coming home at noon and sleep in his own bed.

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