Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our First Accident

Let me start by saying Everyone is Okay!

A few weekends ago, Eli and I bought a few more book shelves so I have finally gotten all my books out of the boxes in the garage. I've been moving them around on the shelves because I have this OCD/ Librarian thing where I need to have the books placed by subject.

Yesterday I had finished the book I was reading (Baby Proof by Emily Griffin) and ready to start another one. Ethan was starting to fuss for his feeding so I picked him up and knelt down at the bookcase. I discovered 3 small hardback books that were in need of being moved up to the next to top shelf.

Instead of standing up to move these books I stay on the floor and reach up with one hand. I saw it happen before it happened. It was like slow motion but there was nothing I could do to stop it! One of the books slipped out of my hand and landed on my babies head!!!

A few seconds passed before Ethan knew what had hit him (literally!). Then I get this scream like no other I've ever heard. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom so I can look at his head in more light. No Blood, not even a red mark. He then stops crying.

Okay, so I know that accidents are going to happen and sometimes they may be my fault. I just hope my mushy pregnancy head goes away soon so I will not do stupid things!

I didn't want to call my husband at work seeing as it wasn't an emergency so I sent him a text message. It said: I just dropped a book on Ethan's head. He calls me back and tells me when he read it he laughed! Am I a bad parent for dropping a book on my sons head or is Eli a bad parent for laughing about it? Only time will tell.


Vicki Meyer said...

Eli did tell you about the time his daddy dropped a stick of firewood on his head, right? We blame the dent in his head on it. (I have a similar one, not so pronounced, but it still makes a good story...) I think he was a few months older than Ethan, because he had crawled to the door to wait for his daddy.


If Ethan ends up with a similar dent, you know what you can blame it on! (Genetics...but it'll still make a good story!)

Melissa said...

Yes, Eli has told me that story. He blames his memory loss on it!

Claire said...

And maybe I'm a bad aunt, 'cause I laughed out loud when I got to the text message part. :)


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