Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Visit to Oklahoma

We had lots of fun in Oklahoma last week! Thank you to Jee Jee and Grandpa Scotty for letting us visit. Here are some pics taken by myself and my Aunt Kathy. It was great to see everyone and we can't wait to visit again! Eli, Melissa and Ethan Lukas.

Melissa, Jee Jee (my mom), Ethan and Great Grandma Billye.

Jee Jee needed to make a lily pad out of a bean bag chair so Ethan thought he would try it out seeing as he had on his frog suit that day!

Great Grandma Billye's first time to meet Ethan Lukas! Happy Valentine's Day!

1 comment:

Fairlight said...

Love the lily pad picture.:-)


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