Friday, November 13, 2009

Missed Appointment

Every few months I have a doctors appointment with my Rheumatologists. As some of you know, I have Lupus and have to have regular check ups and blood work done to make sure things are going okay. As far as Lupus goes, I have it really good. My only symptoms have been joint pain and skin sensitivity to the sun. I am very lucky because Lupus can be really bad.

Anyway, I had my appointment yesterday at 7:40am. (I know, it's early! But Eli stays home with the boy and I want to get back early so he doesn't miss much work.) They called me the day before to remind me of my appointment and I said to the lady "I'll be there!". That was the last time I thought about it until 3 am this morning when I jumped up in bed and said "Oh, No!". I'm sure I scared Eli to death! Now I can't sleep so I'm up telling you about my forgetfulness.

How could I have forgotten? I've never (at least I don't remember) forgotten a doctors appointment. I remind my husband of his appointments. I remember Ethan's appointments.

Why didn't I remember mine? Is this a sign of old age? Or is it still, after almost 11 months, pregnancy brain?

It's not that I'm "so busy" I forgot. All I did yesterday was go to Kohl's to spend my $10 Off Anything coupon (I <3 Free)
Now what happens? Do I have to pay for the missed appointment or the co-pay? I'll have to call tomorrow and it will probably be a month before I can get another appointment.

On a brighter note, Ethan slept from 7pm until 4am this morning without waking up and he put himself to sleep both times without much crying!! Yea, go sleep training!!!

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Anonymous said...

So what happened about the appointment? Did you make another one! Ofcourse your mom would need to know!!! That's what moms are for--to worry!


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