Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free DVD from Big Idea!

Go to to get a FREE Veggie Tales movie (plus 2.99 S/H)! Only one per household. (Don't try to use 2 different computers; it doesn't work!) There are 3 to choose from: Are you my Neighbor, Where is God when I'm S-Scared and The Balled of Little Joe. Veggie Tales are wonderful and Ethan loves them! They are great at teaching Bible stories and lessons in things like Confidence, Patience and Hardship. Even I have learned great lessons from them!


Anonymous said...

Which ones does Ethan have?

(Freebie additions to Christmas presents...)

Hugs from Vicki

Kristin said...

My little guy loves Veggie Tales also. His favorite is the Veggie Tales Sing Along. It has two cd's with all of the favorite songs in one place. He can jam to that one!!


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