Monday, August 23, 2010

CSN Review

I was finally able to decided what product to get for my CSN review! I have been craving Chinese food and I love to cook so what better then a Wok????

Have you ever shopped for a wok? There are over 100 different woks to choose from on! Everything from round bottom to flat bottom, different materials pulse all the extra utensils you could ever need to cook with. I googled "the best wok to buy" and decided that the best for use would be a round bottom, carbon steel with a helper handle. It was very easy to narrow it down to only 14 woks. I then picked the one with the least amount of extra stuff because I really didn't need any of those things and I was trying to keep it under $40. I ended up going with the Taylor & Ng 4 Piece Round Bottom Wok.
I ordered our Wok on Sunday evening and got an email early Monday morning telling me my order had shipped! It arrived on Thursday. I couldn't be happier with the speed of service.

Now for the Wok, I would buy a different one next time. Have you ever had to "season" a Wok? Well, if you don't have to, DON'T!! It smells terrible! Just buy a pre-seasoned one. They sell them on!! Happy Shopping!


Brandy said...

fun. Chris bought his own beer brewing kit saturday. beer brewing smells the worst ever.

Anonymous said...

do u cook stir fry in it? is it electric?


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