Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review #1 of Garden Tea and Giveaway!

Our container garden is not doing well. We have gotten several cucumbers, a few okra and 3 hot peppers. That's it. I thought it was time for an intervention or all our hard work was for nothing. I had heard about Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Tea on a gardening blog and really wanted to try it out. I think our main problem is that we grow our plants in containers, not in the ground. Even though we put manure in with the potting soil, we had not fertilized it at all this year. In past years we did a bit of fertilizing but with nasty chemicals. I really want to do it different this year. The Soil Conditioner Tea helps your plants roots to absorb more nutrients from the soil.

I contacted Annie at Authentic Haven and she sent me several samples of her "tea"! There are 3 different types of tea: Cow Manure, Horse Manure and Alfalfa. The first two, Cow and Horse, are used for all your plants and gardens. The third, Alfalfa, is for use on your Roses. Haven Livestock has only raised natural grass fed livestock. The livestock is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides.

It is very easy to brew your tea. Fill a 5lb bucket with water, place one tea bag inside and cover. Leave it to sit for 1-3 days until it is a dark brown color. Then just water your plants! You can use the tea every time you water or at least 4 times during the growing season.

Please be careful when you have a bucket of water around children because they could fall into it and drown! Ours is kept covered and Ethan is always supervised when outside.

I can't wait till my tea is brewed and I can get to watering my plants! I will treat them with the tea at least once a week for the next 4 weeks and then post on the progress our garden has made.

Now for the best part! Annie sent me several samples of the different types of tea to review on my blog. Among them was a tea bag of the Alfalfa tea for Roses. Unfortunately I don't have any roses :( so I want to give it away to one of you!! Visit Authentic Haven Brand's Blog and tell me why you want to try out the Alfalfa tea on your roses. I'll pick a winner on Augs 17th.

On a side note- I have a new Toad!! Can you see the little guy?

He jumps away pretty fast so it's hard to get a good pic of him. I've seen him twice now near my herbs and "house" plants. I also saw a larger toad near the container garden this morning. They must have heard that our yard was a safe, happy place to live! I hope this little guy sticks around for awhile.


Vicki said...

I'm glad you have a new toad!!! What does Ethan think of him?
I'm interested in hearing about the results from your "garden tea party". I usually use fish emulsion in similar situations, which is sort of a tea of fish scraps etc. sold in a bottle. Hope it works for you!! (We have roses, but the season is pretty much over, so I'm not applying for the free tea!)

Much love to all, Vicki

Anonymous said...

A toad!!!!! How wonderful!! Animals like toads, turtles, and frogs make for an easy solution to having a pet!!


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