Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 185.6
5% Goal by April 1: 9lbs
Current Weight: 176.8
+/- for Week: -1
+/- Total: -9

Hit my 5% Goal!!!!!

New 10% Goal of 10lbs by May 5th

This week was another tough one. I didn't write down my points until the last few days. I weighed on Tuesday and had gained 2lbs so I started tracking and ended up losing 1lb.  I'm pretty sure it's the breastmilk. I always weigh after I nurse Lily.

I ate a lot of Ice Cream. And this morning I opened up Blogger and saw this:

Oh, Pioneer Woman, how you make my mouth water.
These are Chicken Tacos. Fried. With the Chicken INSIDE. I would add guacamole. 

Now onto my new goal of 10%. Is it 10% from your starting weight or from your current weight? I'm going to stick with 10lbs as a goal by May 5th, 5 weeks. I guess I won't be eating or cooking any of these tacos any time soon.

Link up with Brandy. You'll love her and she gives away cool stuff-


Kate said...

Great job! I'm super impressed, and keep up the good work. Oh and breastmilk counts because of all that great nutrition and healthy fat it has. :)

Fiona said...

Great job! It's 10% from your starting weight, but WW Online works it out for you.

Brandy@YDK said...

You are a rockstar!!! so inspiring

Cerise said...

Congrats! You are doing awesome! Those tacos look amazing.

Amberly Adventures said...

Those tacos do look delish!

Grats on reaching your goal for the month, that's terrific! Keep up the great work! :)

Anonymous said...

10% of your beginning weight which would mean you need to lose 9.6, which is very close to 10 lbs. You are doing awesome and I am sooo proud of you.
love, mom


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