Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 185.6
10% Goal by May 5: 19lbs total
Current Weight: 173.6
+/- for Week: -2.6
+/- Total: -12

I'm super excited about my weight loss this week. I was not expecting to lose anything. I feel like I have lost the momentum I had when I started. I guess weight loss is like a road with lots of hills- up and down.

I still have motivation- to fit into my clothes. We are going on a trip this week and I need something to wear. Nothing I think I am going to go buy a new dress for Easter just so I don't have to wear the only dress I have that fits. It's black and I hate wearing black on Easter.

As for our trip- We will be eating out for 4 days, every meal- 2 days of that in an airport. Any tips on making good choices? I love fast food and I'm pretty sure I could eat cheese burgers and french fries for every meal. I really don't want to gain.

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Brandy@YDK said...

always go with grilled chicken sandwiches. no dressing. good luck! and congrats on your loss.

Anonymous said...

Take fruit with you if you can. Buy some when you get there and to eat on the way home!! Take your WW books and PORTION CONTROL-EVEN IF YOU EAT A CHEESBURGER!
love, mom
I am so very proud of your weight loss.Remember, it took 9 mnonths to gain it so........

Anonymous said...

Woops. Misspelled a couple of words. That is what I get for looking at the keyboard instead of the screen. My old typing teacher, Mrs. Warrick, would be so unhappy with me!!


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