Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd Shots and Cup

Ethan is having a good time learning to use his cup. He knows where to put it and how to hold it. He just doesn't know to lift it up to get the water out! We're working on it.

We went for Ethan's second set of shots and 4 month check up today. All is well. He weighed just under 14lbs (35%) and was 24 1/4 in long (30%). His big head came in at 41.2cm (25%)! He is meeting all his milestones and can start solids anytime before 6 months. He did much better with the shots this time. It took him a few seconds to start to cry and only cried for a few seconds. We did give him some Tylenol before we went this morning and I think it helped.


Shaunna said...

Hey,Melissa...Ethan is growing!!! Mom wanted me to pass on an idea for when he get his shots in the future...or gets a boo-boo--when she has kids in daycare get shots or get bumps and bruises, she rubs liquid ibuprofen (sp?) into the'll be amazed at how much it takes the swelling out of the tissue!
Have a good weekend with your mom and Scotty next weekend!

Melissa said...

Tell your Mom Thanks!


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