Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Evening Outside

Eli, Ethan and I spent the cool evening outside last night. Ethan laid in the grass for awhile and was very good. I discovered why he was being so good. He had the grass to entertain him!

If you look at his right hand in the top photo you will see he is grabbing the grass. He then would try to put it into his mouth, miss, and it ended up on his chest and in his neck rolls!

This is an oak tree growing from an acorn. We found it "planted" in one of our tomato plants. We have a very large oak in our front yard but there is NO way that acorn planted itself all the way in our back yard in the freshly turned dirt. I think we have another squirrel issue!!!

I have seen the squirrels digging in the yard and we have seen several small holes dug into the dirt around our plants. Thankfully they have not bothered the plants, only the dirt. We just laughed at the thought of that squirrel planting that acorn hoping to come back one day to get it! We replanted it in a pot to see if we can keep it growing.

Here is Ethan with his first look at a lizard! Eli would have to tell you what kind it was.

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Vicki Meyer said...

Grass is lovely for entertaining a baby! And he will eat it sooner or later...and you'll have to fish it out of his throat when it tickles and gags him...then he'll eat more....
ask me how I know!

He's getting bigger all the time! Great milk, Mom!


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