Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First trip down, One (or two) to go

We are back from our first trip of the month! We went to the Gulf Coast for Eli's departmental retreat. We stayed at a beach side lodge, ate a lot of fried food and Ethan and I came home a little sun kissed.
Both nights we were there, the group had a bonfire on the beach. Ethan stayed up till almost 10pm that first night but crashed on the walk back to the room.

He loved looking out at the ocean. It seems to be very calming to him. This was breakfast the first day. The lodge had a deck over looking the ocean that we ate on.

I think he would have sat here all day!

Eli listened to several scientific talks until lunch so Ethan and I took the opportunity to do some sight seeing. These looked like giant seahorse lollie pops to me!

Watch out! Don't get eaten by the shark!!!

I will defiantly need one of these to get around in when Eli and I move to our beach side home. Where do you put the car seat?

Safety first!

Then Ethan and I took a walk on the peer. It got very windy the further out to sea we got.

Then off to a nice walk on the beach.Lots of birds!! The red tide had come in a few days before we got there so there was a lot of dead fish for the birds to enjoy.

Then lunch with Dad. As I said before, we at a lot of fried food! It was free so I won't really complain. I just hope on our next trip to the beach we can have some seafood!

I think Ethan got more food on the ground then he did in his mouth! Eli and I were glad there were slits in the floor for easy clean up. No one will ever know we have a messy baby!

We hung out on the beach for awhile. All this time I never thought "I should put some sunscreen on my very white baby."!!!! So Ethan did get a little color on his cheeks and nose but I did put some aloe on it and it was much better the next day. It was just such a nice day I didn't even think of it!
We also self toured the Marine Science Institute but I got so many great pics that I will do a separate post for it.

The last morning we made one last trip to the ocean to get a bit more splashing in! Ethan is such a good kicker I think we need to get into some swim lessons as soon as we can!

We had a really relaxing and fun time and hope the retreat is held there again next year! We leave for our next trip on Thursday. This time we are flying! Wish us luck. The last plane trip to Folly Beach went really well but Ethan was about 5 months younger. Now that he is more active I'm sure he won't be content to sitting on our lap for a few hours during the flight.

I used gDiapers with their disposable inserts the whole trip and will use the same on the next. I will write a separate post on that experience.


Brandy said...

wow. that looks like such a great time.

Carly said...

Love your new blog picture!!! So adorable. I love baby toes!! Sound like you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you guys had a great time!!! Hope you have as much fun in Oregon. We love all the pictures of the little man and ofcourse you guys too.
Mom and Scotty


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