Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleep Training Take 2

*Funny I wrote about this today. So did Dooce! It is much better written.
Ethan did well with his shots yesterday and didn't show any signs of it affecting him so we thought last night was a good time to start the sleep training again. I put him to bed around 6:45. I wanted to keep him up later so he would sleep later but he was getting cranky and it's harder to get him to sleep the crankier he is.
He woke up around 8 and started crying. I was already in bed, trying to catch up on some much needed rest. Eli came into the bedroom and we talked about what to do. We go through this every time Ethan crys, to make sure we are on the same page. We decided to let him cry for 1/2 hour and then Eli would go in and bounce him for 5 mins and then put him back in bed. (thanks Dr. Weissbluth!) Well, 1/2 hour goes by and he is still crying and showing no signs of sleep so Eli goes in, bounces him, and puts him back down and he cried some more. It's like he knows if he make that really high pitch scream I will come running! It lasted only 1/2 hour more and he fell asleep.
Wewww! When we did this the first time around he lasted 3 hours!
He woke again at midnight and I nursed him because it had been 5 hours. He cried a little when I put him back down but fell back asleep quickly. The doctor says he can go all night (7-7) without nursing and he will be okay. I don't mind nursing him once or twice during the night, just not every hour!
He woke again at 3:45 and I let him cry till a little after 4am and then I went in to check and make sure he wasn't hurt or had a fever from the shots. He was sitting up in bed again! I laid him back down on his belly (that's how he sleeps), told him he needed to go back to sleep and that I loved him and walked out. Oh, the screams!! It just breaks your heart.
He fell asleep shortly after that and woke again at 6. I got him and brought him to bed with me to nurse. He doesn't sleep in our bed anymore even when I want him to (like when he wakes up too early in the morning or for a nap when I really need to lay down!).
But I know he is okay. He is going to be a happier, well rested baby. And my nipples won't fall off!
I, on the other hand, am still feeling bad. Yes, thanks Mom, I am still taking my Vit C, multi vits, B-12 and I just added on Iron at night hoping some will pass through the breast milk to Ethan. I also drink a cup of OJ every morning. Today is better: my throat doesn't hurt as bad but well have to wait and see if I get sick to my stomach again this afternoon. Eli calls it "early afternoon sickness" but No, I'm not pregnant! Just some bug that won't go away.
I've put Ethan down for a nap now and he is not crying but making humming and grunting nosies. I don't think he is ready for his nap but I'm ready for mine!


Carly said...

Sleep training is soooo hard. I survived it with my 1st. It's still hard with the 2nd. What helped my son is I would go in his room and rub him BUT NOT PICK HIM UP . Leave the room after a 10 min back rub and come back in after 15 min of crying and rub again for about 10 min. then wait 20 min before I entered. I also slept on my sons floor of his room so in the middle of the night I would be there at the 1st noise to rub. Pretty soon he stopped eaking up because he knew he was not going to get up and have a party. Good Luck. I know its the hardest thing to hear your baby cry,but its the best gift you can give him, to learn how to be a good sleeper!

Melissa said...

Thanks Carly!
Last night was so much better. We put him down at 7. He woke at 9 and cried for less then 10mins and put himself back to sleep! He didn't wake again till 3am. I nursed him and put him back to bed still awake. He didn't cry and fell asleep by himself. He woke at 6 am for the day! Yea Sleep Training!!


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