Monday, October 5, 2009

Ethan's Surprise!!

Are you ready for it? I know you've been waiting days for the BIG Surprise from Ethan!!! Well, here it is:

Yes, my friends, that's our little boy standing up!! Why does this come as a surprise, you ask? Well, Ethan has never been one of those babies who, when you held them up they will stretch their legs out and try to stand. He would just collapse and end up on his bum. I would try and try and he just wouldn't stand. So, I thought, Okay he just won't walk till he's 18months. That's okay. I don't want to have to chase him around anyway! But just last week when I was sitting him on the floor he stretched out his legs and stood up!I do have to admit I did put him in this standing position and he really only stood there for a few seconds each time but it is progress!This is how close to standing he gets on his own.And this. Does this look familiar? Legs up the wall is a yoga position that I did a lot during pregnancy.

Ethan has a good time kicking the wall. He also has found a small hole in the wall and enjoys sticking his finger it it! Thankfully it is not big enough to get anything, like his finger, stuck in it.

He likes to scoot backwards under his toy! Then he gets mad when he can't get out.

He will also do this under the coffee table. One of these days I'll tell him about when I was little I crawled under the coffee table, fell asleep, and got my earring caught in the shag carpet! Mom called the fire department and my hero showed up and cut me free. Thanks again, Scotty!


Brandy said...

love the pictures. I think the earring story is too funny.

Anonymous said...

He's cute standing too.....

Eli found a couple of different holes about the time helearned to crawl. One (his favorite) was in the floor between the living room and kitchen in the old house we rented. It was the right size for pencils, keys, Fisher-Price people (smaller then), crayons...fortunately, it went into the basement and once in awhile I'd go down and gather up the collection. Funny..he had a set of markers that were absolutely his constant companions, and he NEVER dropped them into the hole. (Nor did he use them, or even open them. He just carried them around and, when he was learning to talk, practiced his colors.."mink, boo, geen, lellow..." like a miser counting his money.

The other memory is that he used to walk under our kitchen table ..and one day he had grown just enough that he bumped his head on it. What a look of surprise on his face!

You're in for SO much fun! I miss those years and just wish you guys lived closer!


karlathegreat said...

oh my gosh, he's getting so BIG!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! He is not even crawling yet! But sometimes they never crawl, they just walk! Isn't he smart!

jesnicole said...

Cute pictures!

Thanks for the well wishes....I need it!

Kathy said...

He is growing so big!

Theta Mom said...

So cute!


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