Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Down, One to Go!

Were back from our trip to Oregon!!! I have to say it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. I really did not want to come home! (Maybe that was partly because I didn't have to cook or wash clothes the whole time we were there!) Eli gave his talk about coral to a nice sized crowd and was able to collect some sample of something? to bring home with us. Ethan had a great time also! He loves the sounds of the waves and was very happy most of the time we were there.
The small plane we took from San Francisco to North Bend. I was a little worried the first time out but coming back wasn't as bad!

This was about the time Eli got mad and told me to stop taking pictures inside the air plane. I'm still not sure why it bothered him......

Boats in the harbor.

The building where Eli gave his talk. I got a really fuzzy picture of the cottage we stayed in but it was great! It was right next door to this building and had picture windows on half the house so you could see the ocean and the harbor. WOW! We watched the sunset and sunrise and it was amazing. I watched the fishing boats catch crabs all day. It was so peaceful.

Here is Eli getting ready to give his talk. Ethan and I didn't get to stay. About the time Eli got up to start, Ethan pooped in his pants and started getting fussy. It was past time for his nap.

Ethan wouldn't take his eyes off the water. When Eli would walk around with him he would turn his head so he could see it at all times.

Eli collecting.

He tried putting everything in his mouth! We did let him touch quit a few plants we found on the beach.

Rock for lunch, yes please! (that's not me, by the way)

I made Eli stand by this tree so you could see how big it is! I don't think in the picture you can really tell but it was huge.

Ethan did a lot of pulling up and standing while we were there! Walking is just around the corner. Dinner our last night there! We had to have some fresh crab. The other is smoked tuna and some sort of other smoked fish. The tuna was wonderful! We came home with several cans of smoked fish to try out.
I got so many nature pictures that I'm going to do another blog with them. I really can't express the beauty and peacefulness of that place. I would move there in a heartbeat! I really don't think any of us wanted to leave.
But we did and now we (Ethan and I) are off to Oklahoma tomorrow! Wow, this month went by fast. Jee Jee is having her fall music program with her school kids and I want to take Ethan to the church's fall fest. I will try to post my diaper travels before we leave!


Carly said...

The Picture of Dad and Eathan on the Beach is so Bueatiful . You should blow that one up and frame it. Looks like a real nice place to visit.

Vicki said...

Melissa, you have a real gift for photography. Could that be the makings of a home business someday?
And yes, I especially liked both of the ones of Eli and Ethan on the beach. The close-up is my computer background right now. It captures the essence of how both of them feel about the ocean!

I think I would have been nervous the first time on that small plane too.

Sending all of you big hugs,



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