Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tiny Tush Trim- Review and Giveaway-CLOSED

Yes, that's right! I'm doing my very first giveaway! (Don't worry, Family. I'm not turning into a giveaway blog. I just couldn't resist saying yes to trying out this fabulous new diaper from Tiny Tush and give one away to my followers!)

A little About Tiny Tush (taken from their web site):

Founded in 2000 and based in Baraboo Wisconsin, Tiny Tush is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cloth diapers, diaper covers and other diapering supplies. Our family-owned business is passionate about the benefits of natural and environmentally friendly choices and we seek to educate others about these important decisions. We personally test each product for quality, durability, comfort and fit and are dedicated to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices, backed with outstanding customer service.

I can say I have "spoken" online with Charlene, the owner, and ordered from their store and they are great to work with. Customer service and quality products are defiantly top priority for Tiny Tush.

Tiny Tush just came out with a new One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper called Trim. It is made of custom fabric that is 80% hemp and 20% organic cotton. This diaper is TRIM!! When I first got our diaper I was really amazed how trim it was and was a little skeptical about how well it would absorb. While our new Trim went through it's 3 or 4 wash and drys to get it ready, I did some online searches and found that everyone was so impressed with the diaper that it had quickly become their trusted nighttime diaper.

For us cloth diapering Mamma's and Daddy's we know how important it is to have a well fitting, absorbent diaper at night time. Your baby is going to be in this thing for 12+ hours and you don't want to have to change a diaper, clothes and bed sheets at 3am!

I thought, what the hey...let's use it tonight!

We used a Thirsties cover for that first night. The next morning we got up around 6am but I'm not really able to do much more then check email before my morning coffee so Ethan stayed in his diaper for another hour. When I finally got around to changing him everything was great from the outside, no leaks or messes. The Trim was wet from the front to the middle. The back of the diaper, both the insert and the diaper itself was totally dry!! I've never had a diaper that has been on Ethan all night be dry in anyway. So I tried it again the next night and then again the next. All three times were the same, wet in the front and middle but dry in the back. Yay!!! I have a new trusted nighttime diaper. We did use it during the day with great results but nothing beats a good night time experience.We have used the Trim with a Thirsties cover, a Flip and a Sassy Cloth cover and they have all looked....well... trim!

I could list all the great features of the Trim but why when you can just read about it on their site? What I will tell you are my favorite features and what I found to be so special about this diaper.

  • The elastic is sewn to the diaper itself instead of in a casing. This is great for two reasons. One- It doesn't create a big bulge that cuts into your babies legs or back and Two- The elastic won't snap and you have to go digging around to find it and sew it back in. (Ask me if I've had to do this before.)

  • The snap in liner snaps in the front instead of the back. I couldn't figure out why until I took it off of Ethan after he had poo'd. I'm pretty sure that's why they made it that way. It's much easier to un-snap when the snaps are not covered in poo!

  • It drys really fast and you can put it in the dryer! Don't get me wrong; I love to hang my diapers on the line outside but the natural fibers tend to get really stiff and crunchy. Drying in the dryer makes it nice and soft.

Tiny Tush want to give one of my followers a Trim diaper all their own!! I'm going to make this really simple on both you and me:)

  1. Leave a comment to let me know you Follow me Publicly. Current Followers count, too!

  2. Join Tiny Tush on Facebook and leave them a comment on their page letting them know your favorite feature of their new Trim diaper. Then come back here and leave me a comment to tell me that you did.

That's it! Please make sure I can reach you either through your blogger or leave your email in the comment. If I can't reach you, you can't win! The giveaway will run from April 1-12. I will pick a winner randomly and announce it on Tuesday April 13. The winner will have 24 hours to get back to me or I will pick a new winner. Good luck!

A big Thank You to Tiny Tush for sending me the diaper to review!

Disclaimer: I was sent a free diaper from Tiny Tush. The opinions are my own. Don't try to sue me if you don't win because I don't really own anything worth any money so you won't get anything anyway.


Holly Wilson said...

I'll be the first follower to enter your giveaway! I've always been intrigued by cloth diapering and would like to try. I would love to have some AT LEAST for when she has a diaper rash/ yeast infection (which she has had both times she had to take antibiotics) because I've heard they clear up much faster.

Heather said...

I'm a follower!! :)

HotHarmony said...

I'm totally a follower!

Anonymous said...

Gee! This sounds lilke fun! Too bad I don't any little ones to diaper!!

Carly said...

I follow your blog publicly:)

bellaluna said...

I'm a follower

bellaluna said...

I posted a comment!

Brandy said...

oooh i would love to win this. I think i'd like to try cloth diapering at night and see if it works out better for me, ya know.

Michelle said...

I'm a follower now..and I'm tweeting this giveaway for you!

Ammie said...

I follow your blog. :) Cool that you are hosting a diaper giveaway!

Ammie said...

I left a comment on the Tiny Tush FB page.

Caroline said...

I follow your blog!

Caroline said...

I posted on their facebook!

Three Graves said...

I am now a follower! Fun that this is your first giveaway!

carolena.graves at gmail dot com

Three Graves said...

I posted on FB:
My favorite feature of your trim diaper is how absorbant they are , and their natural fibers! Very exciting product!!/TinyTushProducts?v=feed&story_fbid=383645097229&ref=mf

carolena.graves at gmail dot com

jdeemarie said...

I follow your blog.

jdeemarie @

Maxwell Designs said...

I follow your blog publicly as Maxwell Designs
maggiechilton at hotmail dot com

Maxwell Designs said...

I joined the Tiny Tush facebook page and told them I love the fact that they made an eco-friendly diaper

maggiechilton at hotmail dot com

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

I follow! I've never tried a fitted diaper. I'd LOVE to give it a shot!!!

PS-LOVE your blog. So cute!

simplymerry said...

new follower... found you through tiny tush's twitter. :)

simplymerry at gmail dot com

simplymerry said...

commented on tiny tush's facebook (mary michaud)
simplymerry at gmail dot com


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