Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight (1/23)-172.4
Last Weeks Weight- 172.4
This Weeks Weight- 169.3
Weight Gain/Loss This Week- -3.1
Total: -3.1

I'm going with last weeks weight as my starting weight. That way I already have a loss. This week I did the Shred, level 1, 3 times, drank lots of water, nursed Lily a ton and didn't eat everything in the house. 

I need to set a Goal. I have 4 weeks until I pack up my scale for The Move. If I can do 3lbs per week that's 12lbs. Let's say my 2/24 Goal is 157.3. I can do it!

Okay, now that that is done I can tell you I'm not really into losing weight right now. I just want to eat everything and don't really care. I do care how I look and my big belly and love handles make me feel bad about myself. I'm mostly doing it because I want to fell better and be able to do yoga (see last week) and I don't want to get to Oregon and be the Fat Girl from Texas.

Hopefully that will be enough motivation to keep exercising and not eating cheese dip.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love you!!! You can do it!!Even if you don't, you will be the most beautiful girl in Oregon,(with Lily the cutest baby girl and Ethan the cutest little boy!)!! I love you all!


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