Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ethan Lukas- 3 & Lillian Dawn 1

Ethan Lukas
December 28, 2008
Ethan just hours old.
Loves to pretend and acts out every movie he watches.
Loves going to school.
Knows and can identify the alphabet.
Can trace around letters.
Can count to 15 and *almost* 20
Repeats everything we say and is starting to use 3 and 4 word sentences on his own (yea!!)
Loves playing outside. I see him out there telling stories to the yard and the birds and squirrels.

1 Year Old
Movies we are Watching:
Willy Wonka the original 
The Santa Clause
The Polar Express
Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas
The Grinch
All Veggie Tales' Christmas
(We're really into Christmas movies!)
The Lion King
Cat in the Hat
Geo Track 

2 Years Old
Says "Merry Chris"!
Says "please", "thank you" and "bless you"
Will open the fridge or cabinet to get out something to eat. 
Loves all fruit and will eat a little of most veggies. 
Yogurt and cheese is a daily snack.
Is still not potty trained :( But is showing signs of readiness. 
Puts his socks in the dirty clothes basket 
(His future wife can thank me for that one.)
Likes to pick out his own clothes; matching is not required.
He will not wear pjs to sleep in.
Is wearing 3T.

Ht-36 1/2, 28%
Wt- 31 1/2, 50%

3 Years Old
Ethan's Birth Story

Lillian Dawn
January 11, 2011
Birth Day
Took her first steps at 10 1/2 Months
Waves and says Bye Bye to Daddy
Loves to play with Big Brother
Loves watching Brother play outside. She (and I) can't wait till she can go out there with him.
Tells "stories"- non stop babbling
Words I've heard her say:
Bye Bye
Oh, Oh 
Points at things 
Loves to pull fabric/clothing out/off of anything:
boxes, hampers, drawers closets, 
Especially as Mom is folding laundry.
Love getting into exploring everything.
Like the Trash and Recycling cans.
Loves Shoes! 
Everywhere we go she is watching people's shoes as they walk by.
Loves to Eat and mostly enjoys self feeding
Loves all veggies especially Cauliflower
Loves tomatoes just like her big brother.
Eats Cheese and Crackers as an afternoon snack
In fact, she loves to eat so much that she puts everything in her mouth.
Her favorite thing to eat:
my shoes.
(I feel like I'm describing a puppy dog. A very cute puppy dog :)

Knows her shoes and socks go on her feet. It is too cute to watch her try to get them on.
Stills sucks her thumb when she is tired or over stimulated.
Breastfeeding is still going strong. We nurse to sleep for naps and bedtime and sometimes when we just need a cuddle.

She has blond hair and Green Eyes.

1st Birthday!
Wt: 21lbs 1oz 50%
Ht: 28 1/2 in 29%
Head: 46cm 76%

Lillian's Birth Story


GrapeApe said...

Happy Birthday to both of the cuties! Love you guys :)

Vicki said...

They're so adorable!!! I wish you lived next door!!

I like that Ethan tells stories to the squirrels! And it's exciting that Lily can say all those words already! It's so much fun to hear little ones talk; you find out all the things that are going through their minds and it's usually really interesting.

Did I tell you that when Fairlight was about Lily's age, she used to have to try on every piece of clothes after I folded laundry? I had to learn to fold when she was sleeping if I wanted to get anything done.


Anonymous said...

What two beautiful children you and Eli have created!!! They are so very precious to me! Yes, I wish you lived next door to me, too!! It is so very nice you will have so many things and pictures to help you remember them when they were little. As you get older you tend to forgot lots of things your little ones did.
Thank you for all your wonderful posts!! They make me laugh and cry and have much joy!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! my older son is a week younger than your son and my second son is 4 mos younger an your daughter! (and I work with your husband's Aunt Sue). I'm not as good as a homemaker though!


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