Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Field Trip back to the Aquarium

Ethan's school has been taking lots of field trips lately and Lily and I have been tagging along. Last week we joined the group to go to the Aquarium in Newport. (Find our last trip here.) We got to ride on a real school bus!! Ethan was a bit upset when it  dropped us off and drove away. He really liked riding on the bus.

Lily waiting patiently to go in to the aquarium.

Ethan not  waiting patiently.

Ethan pretending to be a jellyfish. Jellyfish and Coral were a few of his very first words!

Ethan wouldn't let me take very many pictures of him so I worked on getting a good shot of the sharks in the walk through tank. This one turned out pretty good! I think it's a seven gill. Then my batteries died in my camera. We plan on going back soon to see the new "the sea and me".

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