Thursday, May 31, 2012

Handy Helper

We rented our house off of Craigslist before moving to Oregon. One of our necessities was a fenced in yard. When we got here we found a piece of the fence missing. The previous renters had removed it to get to the side yard where they had a garden and were keeping a calf. 
Yes, that's right. They had a cow. 
Anyway, the owner didn't replace it before we moved in so he brought us wood and we thought it was a good excuse to buy a table saw!

Eli built a gate and put it in with the help of the little boy.

Measuring is key to getting things right.

Ethan with the new, painted gate.

We bought a ton of stuff off Craigslist when we first got here and one of the things I got was a vintage red cabinet. The lady graciously offered her husband to bring it to our house for free. As he was backing up to drop it off he hit our fence, damaging 5 of the pickets. He then gave me a $20 and left as quickly as he could. 

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Anonymous said...

Paw=Paw loved these! What a carpenter!


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