Monday, May 7, 2012

Home In Oregon

What fun we are having in Oregon! Too much fun for photo editing and blogging. Never fear, I have been taking hundreds of photos. You may get to see them all someday. We are loving our new home and spend as much time outside as the weather will allow us. All the locals keep telling us it is unusually cold and wet for this time of year.

A little update-

Our trip out here consisted of a lot of:

Sleeping in the car surrounded by toys and food.

Lots of eating in the car.


Rock collecting.


And more running.

We made it!!! After 7 days of moving, car rides, road side lunches and hotels we moved in to our new house in Corvallis. Pure joy is the only way to describe it.

Our first meal in our new home- take out burgers.

Then the real work started: cleaning, unpacking and replacing everything we got rid of before moving.

We are happily settling in and look forward to everything this new land has to offer us.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks so much! Mom


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