Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Day of Preschool in Oregon

We got Ethan into a new preschool about a month after we got here. I really feel his attitude is so much better when he can get away from Mom and Sis for awhile and play with other kids :) He loves school so much. 
It's 2 days a week for 3 hours. They also do lots of field trips, most of which Lily and I join.

His new school is near Eli's campus so Mr. Ethan gets to ride forward facing in Daddy's car! (The seat wasn't accessible rear facing in Eli's tiny back seat.) 
He loves it.
It was pretty hard for me to let him leave that first day. 

So Lily and I tagged along.

We had to stop and talk to the ducks on the way in.

These little fellas have no fear.

He is having a lot of fun at school! We have 2 field trips planned for this week. He's not even 4 yet and already keeping me busy :)


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I am so very glad he is happy in his new school. So nice you girls can tag along on field trips. We need lots of pictures!!! Love, Mom

GrapeApe said...

Love all the updates. Thanks for doing it. Love you

Toni said...

Oh how cute! I'm so glad y'all seem to have settled well and enjoy the new surroundings. :)


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