Friday, March 13, 2009

Ceiling Fan

When we were at my parents house, Grandpa Scotty showed Ethan the ceiling fan. Now he has discovered ours in the living room! Every time he's in there and not nursing he looks up at it to see if it is moving. If it is not too cold I will turn it on slow so he can see it move.

I just knew this hat

would be too big for him but I got it out anyway and it fits him just right! He has a big head so he is going to be really smart:)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa!! Your mom had to explain the "leaving a comment" thing to me and I'm finally gettin' it figured out!! I really enjoy seeing all of the pictures of Ethan--he is such a cutie!!! Your page is a neat way for those of us who live far away to see him and makes us feel like we know a little more about him! :-) Keep it up!! Have fun in Oklahoma!!! :-)

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

His eyes look SO much like yours in these pictures!


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