Friday, March 27, 2009

T is for Turtle, S is for Squirrel

I'm pretty sure Ethan will only be able to wear his 0-3 outfits once before growing out of them! But they are all so cute I have to get his picture everyday.

He has begun reaching out for things more and will grab it and hold it in his hand for a few seconds. If he keeps it in his hand long enough it goes right to his mouth! I always keep a burp rag around him, he's very messy, and that is his favorite thing to chew on! I've started trying to give him a teething toy but he can't seem to hold on to it long enough to chew on it! As soon as he does I'll get a pic and post it.

Here's his squirrel suit in honour of the squirrels in the back yard!He has now started sucking on his fist and sometimes his first 3 fingers! I'm trying to get him to suck his thumb but I think it's still too small! I will be happy when he starts sucking on anything but me!!!

1 comment:

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

He is so adorable!!

Thanks for sharing his milestones. At least we don't have to miss them entirely due to distance....I'm SO glad you have plane tickets already for May.

He's growing up fast!


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