Monday, March 2, 2009

First Shots

Well, we survived the 2 month Pediatric appointment and our first shots! I think the shots hurt the Mommy more than the Baby! Ethan is at 10lbs .6oz and 21 3/4in long!!!!! The Doctor said everything looked good. She did say I didn't have to nurse him for as long as I do (30min-1hour). She said he was using me as a human pacifier! I don't mind. I love to have him that close to me.

These pics are before we went to the appointment. He was smiling on command! Karla and Kathy would be so proud! He will never know what it's like to not have a camera in his face!


karlathegreat said...

he is too cute!!! it's always good to train 'em early(smiling for the camera). not everyone's children are as beautiful and smart as ours!!

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

Oh, I was always a human pacifier for mine! They grow up too soon!! Love is a good thing and I'm glad you love snuggling him! (I'm looking forward to getting to snuggle him too!!)


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