Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Green Monkey

Ethan has a fascination with a green monkey I got when I went to see Wicked in LA! He just loves looking at it so Eli attached it to his swing.

I always thought the monkey was a little scary looking but I guess Ethan doesn't really know what is scary yet! One day I'll show him The Wizard of OZ and hopefully the flying monkeys won't scare him.


JeeJee said...

Loved having you both! Look! Ethan is taking his pacifier! He can do it when he wants to! What gorgeous blue eyes he has!

Melissa said...

That pic with the pacifier was at your house and you were holding him! That seems to be the only time he want it.
Love you!

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

There are so many cute pictures of him....thanks for posting them! That way I'll know him in May at the beach...and he can get to know me!!

Those pictures of him with the monkey are too cute! It's funny what they'll choose to like!! Eli's favorite was an orange striped hand towel that his Aunt Linda had in her bathroom. She finally gave it to me and I tacked it to the wall above his changing table...little squirmy Eli would lie still and just laugh and coo at that towel...it had much less personality than the green monkey does!


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