Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diaper Change and Belly Button

This was a diaper change on New Years day or the day after, I think. His belly button fell off! I thought about keeping it but decided not to. It was kinda gross and I didn't want to see what it would look like 20 years later.

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Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

No, I wouldn't want to see it 20 years later, either. I tend to keep baby teeth because I hate to throw them out, but thankfully, they eventually disapppear. The baby teeth from nine kids would make quite a collection! And they all look alike anyhow; they don't come with labels. Umbilical cords too, I think.

On the other hand, as mom of several grown children and several more who are getting there too fast for my comfort....I wish I could have enough relics of those baby days to reconstruct them. Guess that's what pictures are for, right?


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